Bolstered Assurance

The young woman walked into the shop with a gift certificate from Crisis Center North; she was visibly shaken. “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Sally asked gently. “My ex came into our apartment – he took scissors and slashed through all my clothes,” she sobbed. “Where were you when this happened?” Sally questioned. “I was cowering in another room with my kids, praying that he wouldn’t come after us!” Sally hugged her and they both cried – pain was still so raw! “But that’s not the worst thing! I’m supposed to go for a job interview tomorrow and now I have nothing to wear – he took that away from me!” Sally straightened her shoulders. “Oh, no he didn’t!” Sally assured her. Sally had already sized up the young woman and directed her toward the appropriate sized racks. Soon she was loaded with potential outfits and was directed to the dressing room with strict instructions. “When you try something on, you have to come out so I can see you.” (and tell her how great she looks). After compliments and words of encouragement, she left with a wardrobe and bolstered assurance – tomorrow would be a new day.