33 Dresses

Elissa encountered Treasure House Fashions under the worst of circumstances. During her baseline mammogram at age 40, she was diagnosed with cancer. It was such a shock! As she was facing her 33 radiation treatments, she decided to wear a dress to each one. She knew that would lift her spirits and it was something she could share with her friends and family; they could do it together and it would be fun! When she arrived at Treasure House, she was still very overwhelmed about her health threats. The shop volunteers were so encouraging and positive! Elissa had so much fun shopping for dresses that she did not think about cancer for one minute! “Buying affordable clothing is one thing, but having a place that embraces you while you’re going through a hard time no matter how bad things are, that is priceless! There’s always something we can do for each other.” Perhaps you’ve seen Elissa on TV for the UPMC commercials – that’s our gal!!